Modern Warfare Comp Team

We’re excited to announce that our Rivia Knights Modern Warfare competitive team is now recruiting for our 12 person roster! Tryouts will be this Saturday (7/25) at 8pm CDT. Additional information is available in the #mw-announcements channel, or you may contact @Whiskeyy with any questions. We encourage anyone who is interested to show up at […]

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Join the Rivia PSO2 Alliance

We are actively recruiting for our PSO2 Alliance on Ship1 : Feoh! Level 5 Alliance, Quarters, and lots of Rivia members actively playing in Discord. Interested in joining? Hop on Discord and send Rucin a DM for an invite!

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Solo Duo Trio Conan Server

We’re excited to announce the launch of our third Conan Exiles server! Rivia’s newest server is 70 slot 5x server that has rules specific to solo/duo/small clan (3 member max) raiding! The server utilizes the Pippi mod, so check the “Show Servers With Mods” box if you cannot find the server. 5X exp and 4x […]

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Second Conan Server Launched!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our second Conan Exiles server running the Age of Calamitous mod! Explore this free total conversion mod with 6 factions, new buildings, gear, enemies, and a new level cap of 120! More information about AoC is available here 5X exp and 5x gather rate

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Conan Exiles Server Returns

Given the recent resurgence in Conan Exiles interest around the community, the PvP server is back! 4X exp and 2x gather rate IP: Direct connect via Steam

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Eco: Meteor Destroyed!

We destroyed the meteor with 15 days to spare. Great job everyone! We are going to wait for version 9.0 to release, then wipe the server and try again! We’ll make an announcement when the server wipe takes place. After destroying the meteor, we spawned in another one to see what would happen. Boom.

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