Conan Exiles PvP Server Launched!

Following the success of our PvE server, we’ve decided to launch a 50 slot PvP server! 2X exp and gather rate No avatars Building damage allowed from 5pm-11pm central on weekdays and 10am-midnight on weekends. IP: Direct connect via Steam

Read More Added to Discord is a free browser based battle royale. 100 circles spawn in and only 1 leaves – do you have what it takes to survive? Join with the large number of our members who enjoy killing a few minutes in this fast paced battle royale. We regularly participate in Duo and Squad matches, so hop […]

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Conan Exiles PvE Server Launched!

Conan Exiles 20 Slot 10x PvE 10X exp and 3X gather rate Avatars allowed, but no building damage IP: Direct connect via Steam

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