Custom Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Rivia's servers are custom built to deliver maximum performance and stability. Utilizing the latest Intel i9 processors clocked at 5Ghz along with DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD drives, 1GBps networks, and DDOS protection, our servers are among the best in the industry. Rivia servers are just that, Rivia. No shared hosting here!

Administration Team

The Rivia admin team shares decades of admin experience to deliver the best possible gaming experience.

Conan Exiles 70 Slot 4x/2x Raiding #1: 4x/2x PvP

Server Rules (basically official rules)

  • No cheating/exploiting (undermesh, duping, etc)
  • No racism, homophobic slurs, hate speech, doxxing, etc
  • No building abuse (building to create lag, blocking crucial spawns/areas, claim spamming)
  • No impersonating admins or advertising

Raid Time
5pm – 11pm CDT

Additional Info
Purge time is from 6pm-10pm CDT
Scheduled server restarts are 3pm and 3am CDT


Conan Exiles 70 Slot 5x/4x Solo Duo Trio Raiding
(Offline currently. Awaiting fixes from Funcom.) #2: 5x Solo Duo Trio

General Server Rules

  • No exploiting or cheating (report suspicious activity, screenshots or video preferred)
  • No hate speech, racism, homophobic slurs, or doxxing
  • No PvP or camping at obelisks or server shop/maproom combo (located at The SinkHole). This includes combat started in the open world, that moves to obelisks.
  • No spawn killing. This includes camping dungeon exits.
  • No high level ganking at or south of Noob River
  • No intentional deception/impersonation (ie changing Steam names, character names, or clan names, to cause confusion)
  • No attacking structures built by the ADMIN clan
  • No clan alliances. You may have a no-raid truce with other clans, but multi-clan raids are not allowed
  • You may only defend your clan’s structures
  • No team PvP. You may PvP other clans/players with your clan mates, but never multiple clans working together against others
  • Using the in-game weapons with the “cleansing” attribute (eg Mitra’s Justice of Set’s Tongue) are prohibited in PvP

Building Rules

  • No building spam. This includes foundation spam, vault spam, etc.
  • No intentional building to block access to certain areas of the map, hog land, or land lock other players
  • No building to block boss spawns (structures will be deleted)
  • No building part stacking (eg fence foundation stacking, etc). Normal gate stacking allowed
  • Building a base in a location or manner that is cannot be damaged is forbidden
  • Building or Rebuilding during a raid on your structure is prohibited. Repairing with a repair hammer is fine. (15 minute cooldown from last attack to when rebuilding is allowed)

Raid Time
6pm – 10pm CDT

Additional Info
Scheduled server restarts are 2pm and 2am CDT


ECO Server: Beginner Friendly

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