Custom Bare Metal Dedicated Servers

Rivia's servers are custom built to deliver maximum performance and stability. Utilizing the latest Intel Xeon processors capable of boosting to 5.3Ghz, DDR4 RAM, NVMe SSD drives, 1GBps networks, and DDOS protection, our servers are among the best in the industry. Rivia servers are just that, Rivia. No shared hosting here!

Administration Team

The Rivia admin team shares decades of admin experience to deliver the best possible gaming experience.

Hell Let Loose: 100 Slot

Server Rules

No harassment, hate speech, racism, or toxicity. Avoid polarizing topics such as politics, religion, etc. Use common sense and be respectful.
No camping of HQ spawns. Artillery can be engaged.
Do not destroy unused vehicles in HQ.
Do not intentionally teamkill or revenge teamkill.
Do not lock one man squads for Armor or Recon.
Streamers are required to have an overlay to cover their maps.
Cheating of any kind will NOT be tolerated and WILL result in a ban.
Commanders and Squad Leaders must have an active microphone, and communicate/contribute to the team effort.
No trolling/griefing/ waste of assets such as vehicles and supplies.
No spamming or trolling of voice chat or text chat.
No armor squads until map is 20 vs 20 or greater.
Do not cross midpoint(Warefare) until map is 20 vs 20 or greater.
Rivia Gaming Admin can reprimand players at their discretion


Squad: 100 Slot Beginner Friendly

Server Rules

  • DON’T cheat or exploit
  • DON’T use racial or homophobic slurs, hate speech, etc
  • DON’T impersonate admins or advertise
  • DON’T soloing vehicles that require crew kits
  • DON’T waste friendly assets/vehicles
  • DON’T mine main bases
  • DON’T create disruptive voice comms
  • DON’T spawn kill on Jensen’s (fighting allowed in open desert)


  • DO join a squad
  • DO apologize for TKs
  • DO have a microphone if you are a squad leader

Seeding Rules (sub 40 players)

  • Cap to middle point and fight there
  • Don’t place HABs past the middle point
  • No spawn camping (including camping HABs)
  • No destroying enemy HABs or radios

Additional Info
Automatic server restarts are 6:00am CST


ECO Server: Beginner Friendly

Following a successful playthrough, our Eco server is awaiting the next patch for a fresh playthrough. Check our Discord for the latest Eco announcements!

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