It’s October, so what’s going on?

In just a few days, Rivia Gaming community will be 4 months old. In that time, we have grown to over 180 members and have close to 450 friends and guests in our Discord server, and recruitment is still open as we look to add more friends to the mix!

There are a few games on the horizon that a lot of members are excited for, including: Black Ops 4, Fallout 76, and Battlefield 5. We will be adding channels to support these games as they release! Additionally, Destiny 2 channels were recently added to the Discord server as more and more members went back to check out the Forsaken expansion.

We are considering multiple options for decluttering the Discord channel list. Although the current layout allow members to collapse categories that are not of interest to them, the list is still so long that it is hard to see members in game specific voice channels without a lot of scrolling. We have been considering a couple of different options. For example, we could remove game specific text channels and replace them with a genre text channel (e.g. #MOBA, #FPS, #MMORPG). Another option would be to make game specific categories only visible to members who are tagged with the game role. This would declutter the list considerably and only show you the information relevant to the games you play. However, there is a concern that this would decrease the chances of members exploring and potentially buying games that are active in the community. We would love to receive feedback and suggestions from members, so share your thoughts!

I love getting feedback on what we can can do to make Rivia a community you enjoy being a part of. Please send any suggestions you have my way, and I will be happy to explore them with you!

A special thanks to GDUBS, Krados160, and Rucin along with our “welcome wagon” members, hamhaw, HyperSpace, Ivan2249, and PigDude_828 for creating a warm and welcoming experience for new members!




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