I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! It’s November, so what’s new?

The Rivia Knights Overwatch team is competing in the Overforced League! The first game was held on October 29th, with Rivia winning 3-1. Next week’s game has not been scheduled, but updates will be sent out via Discord so you all can watch and cheer on!


I love getting feedback on what we can can do to make Rivia a community you enjoy being a part of. Please send any suggestions you have my way, and I will be happy to explore them with you!

As always, a special thanks to our officers, moderators, and coordinators: Kronos160, Rucin, Purble, Duchess, Jake, Nix, TurkeyMaze, and Whiskeyy. Also a thanks to our “welcome wagon” members: AmLeigh, hamhaw, Ivan 2249, and Kileaux for creating a warm and welcoming experience for new members!




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