Hey everyone, it’s November!

Let’s not bury the lead. How about the awesome new logo Purble designed for our community!? 

Rivia Gaming Community is officially 5 months old! The current member count stands at 203 members and a total of over 500 members, friends, and guests in our Discord server! As always, recruitment is still open as we look to add more friends and members to the mix!

Black Ops 4 has officially launched, and Krados160 is looking for members who would like to try out for the Rivia Black Ops 4 competitive team! DM Krados160 on Discord if you’re interested. Fallout 76 and Battlefield 5 are just a couple of weeks away! We will be adding channels to support these games as they release!

You may have noticed that the Discord server went through a major decluttering effort. We have moved all of the voice channels higher on the channel list to make it easier to see who is online and talking at a glance. We have also removed game specific categories and replaced them with genre categories such as MOBA, FPS, and MMORPG. I would love to hear your feedback!

I love getting feedback on what we can can do to make Rivia a community you enjoy being a part of. Please send any suggestions you have my way, and I will be happy to explore them with you!

As always, a special thanks to GDUBS, Krados160, and Rucin along with our “welcome wagon” members, hamhaw, HyperSpace, Ivan2249, and PigDude_828 for creating a warm and welcoming experience for new members!




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