Rivia March Update

It’s now the end of March and member totals stands at 1,015 registered members and 2,022 total users in our Discord server! As always, recruitment is still open as we look to add more friends and members to the mix!

March brought the much anticipated launch of The Division 2. The first Rivia clan (RGC) quickly filled up and we recently launched RiviaII (RII) to welcome additional members. Most members have quickly leveled to 450+ gear score and are eagerly awaiting the world tier 5 launch on Friday!

I love getting feedback on what we can can do to make Rivia a community you enjoy being a part of. Please send any suggestions you have my way, and I will be happy to explore them with you!

As always, a special thanks to our officers, moderators, and game coordinators: Krados160, Rucin, JudyIscariot, Nemmiecakes, Purble, Krushbone, and Whiskeyy. Also a thanks to our “welcome wagon” members: hamhaw, Ivan 2249, Kileaux, HyperSpace, PigDude_828, and TurkeyMaze for creating a warm and welcoming experience for new members!




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