July is here and lots of exciting things are going on around the community! We are creating a unique role for all of the awesome active members of the community that will grant special access to giveaways and more! These changes will be taking place over the next few days.

Apex Legends is entering a new season tomorrow! Along with a new legend, ranked modes will be entering the game. We are creating new Discord channels to support players looking to connect with elite groups and members looking to progress through the ranks. Check out the Apex Legends category for the latest updates!

I love getting feedback on what we can can do to make Rivia a community you enjoy being a part of. Please send any suggestions you have my way, and I will be happy to explore them with you!

As always, a special thanks to our officers, moderators, and coordinators: Kronos160, Rucin, JudyIscariot, Nemmiecakes, Purble, Duchess, TurkeyMaze, and Whiskeyy. Also a thanks to our “welcome wagon” members: AmLeigh, hamhaw, Ivan 2249, and Kileaux for creating a warm and welcoming experience for new members!




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