The Rivia Overwatch community is an active group of players with varying skill level and goals. Whether you are looking to enjoy a few matches of Quickplay, improve your SR in Competitive, or be a part of a competitive team with weekly practice like the Rivia Knights, Rivia has you covered! The Overwatch division is led by El & Jode.

Overwatch is a team-based first person shooter that relies heavily on team composition and coordination. Explore the other tabs for more information.

Quick Play is a great place to try our new heroes and hone your skills. We have a very active Quick Play community, and you will find six stacks running in our Discord channels nightly.

Find a group and improve your SR! Rivia’s competitive Overwatch group is focused on improving together.

The Rivia Knights are our community’s competitive Overwatch team. The Knights practice every Tuesday and Thursday, and are led by the Overwatch Coordinators, El and Jode. Contact either for more information!

Current Roster: ASnowOwl, Bishop, blank, Blape, Cannon, captainjimmy, Cil, Diggty66, Disbanded, El, GMO, jode, KingOfTheVibes, Bensoupis, Luc4$, Mega, MoreReverb, Mozzbito, Previ, SSB, SuperSecret333, Skyelone, Tenz, THEGRATEOZ123, TheOnlyOZ, TheTJProject, XialonVIII

Overwatch Posts

Overwatch Comp Team

We are excited to announce the formation of our Overwatch Competitive team, the Rivia Knights. The Knights practice every Tuesday and Thursday, and are led by the Overwatch Coordinator, Whiskeyy. Contact Whiskeyy for more information! Current Roster: Gury, BetaRayBill, caketown, Conspiracy, Dopamine, Druantiea, KingCatNip, Maymay, MoreBourbon, Mozzbito, NightHawk, Nix, Nobo, rando, Rucin, SillyKat, TheTJProject, Whiskeyy, […]

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Overwatch Info

Coordinators:El and jode
OW Members: 199
(Stats updated 08/04/21)