New World Posts

Rivia Knights Defend Windsward

New World is off to a roaring start for Rivia. The Rivia Knights participated in Folkvangr’s first war and came out victorious! Rivia’s territory, Windsward, came under quick attack from the Marauders. Without much time, Rivia and other members of the Syndicate coordinated a successful defense and the Rivia flags still fly over the town […]

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New World

Rivia is preparing to enter the world of Aeternum! Join with the Rivia crew on Folkvangr (Syndicate Faction). Join our Discord and head down to #new-world. See you in the Aeternum! Request Guild Invite
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New World Info

Coordinators: Berr & Rucin
NW Members: 200
Server: Folkvangr
Faction: Syndicate
(Stats updated 10/06/21)