Join with hundreds of Rivia members enjoying Destiny 2! With the recent launch of the Witch Queen, there has never been a better time to explore Bungie’s groundbreaking first person shooter.

Destiny 2 Posts

Destiny 2 Added to Discord

We’ve recently added Destiny 2 to our list of games on Discord. Along with a text and voice channel, members can now add the Destiny 2 role by typing ?rank Destiny 2 in the #bot-commands channel! Join with the growing number of our members who have gone back to Destiny to enjoy the Forsaken expansion. […]

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Destiny 2 Info

Coordinator: Duchess
Destiny 2 Members: 443
Active Clans: RGC, RGC2
Reserve Clans: RGC3, RGC4
(Stats updated 10/26/20)