Join with other Rivia members playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare! Whether you are playing ranked or unranked, you will find players of all skill level.

Modern Warfare Posts

Modern Warfare Comp Team

We’re excited to announce that our Rivia Knights Modern Warfare competitive team is now recruiting for our 12 person roster! Tryouts will be this Saturday (7/25) at 8pm CDT. Additional information is available in the #mw-announcements channel, or you may contact @Whiskeyy with any questions. We encourage anyone who is interested to show up at […]

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Modern Warfare Launch

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is here! Discord channels and roles are available now. Type !mw in the #bot-commands channel for access to all Modern Warfare channels. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Modern Warfare Coordinator, Kronos160. See you in game!

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Modern Warfare Info

Coordinator: Word2yall
MW Members: 103
(Stats updated 08/04/21)