October 2019 Update

October is here, and a lot is happening around Rivia! Many members are anticipating the upcoming Modern Warfare release. Discord roles and channels will be added closer to launch. The “Show us your Rig” contest just concluded. Congratulations Glitch Rucin on winning the contest with 44 votes! Thanks to everyone who shared a picture of […]

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Borderlands 3 Launch

Borderlands 3 is here! Join in the mayhem and reenter the world of Pandora with your fellow Rivia members. Discord channels and roles are available now. Type !bl3 in the #bot-commands channel for access to all Borderlands 3 channels.

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September 2019 Update

It’s September, and that means Borderlands 3 is just around the corner! Join up with other Rivia members and explore the vaults of Pandora and beyond. WoW Classic is here, and the Rivia guild is up and running on the Alliance side of Pagle! The voice channels are packed, and members are grinding their way […]

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Rivia Twitch Team

We are excited to announce that Rivia now has a Twitch Team (https://www.twitch.tv/team/rivia)! All active Twitch affiliates are welcome to sign up now on the Streamers page. Still on your path to affiliate? Hop on Discord and send a DM to Kronos160 or NightHawk for access to our stream support channel where fellow members provide […]

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Rivia Twitter is Live

Rivia’s Twitter is up and running. Drop us a follow and give us some love at twitter.com/riviagaming! Follow @riviagaming

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WoW Classic Name Reservation

World of Warcraft Classic name reservations are available later today (5pm Central)! Rivia is currently considering two realms, so go ahead an snag your name on both Pagle (Normal) and Herod (PvP)! You can reserve a total of 3 names at this time, and all you need is an active WoW subscription/available play time. For […]

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